• Matt Schoenherr

Which Tape Will Stick?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology continues to improve. It has yielded more accurate and reliable readings, fewer calibrations and increased the length of sensor life. At this point, the physical nature of traditional CGMs is most likely to sabotage their performance. However, that may not be the case with the new Eversense CGM from Sensionics, which uses a skin embedded capsule technology.

Especially for athletes, the most common failure is the adhesive. As one of the sweatier athletes I know, my current sensors rarely stay on all 7 days without some sort of extra taping job.

Over the next few weeks, I will evaluate a variety of tapes, skin prep solutions and sensor location combinations to find the best way to keep the CGM on without hassle. I plan to review the following list of products while wearing a Medtronic Guardian Sensor. 

I have added links to the products below if you want to test them out for yourself. 

Please comment below if you’ve found other products that work for you. 



Griff Grips

Rock Tape


Skin Prep Solutions:

Skin Tac

Ban antiperspirant


**1/7/2019 Note: The tape competition has been postponed to the spring. Even though I live in San Diego, it's cold enough that I am not sweating enough to sufficiently stress out the tapes. I was also out in November/December with an injury.

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