Books to understand and manage diabetes

Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner makes it fun and easy to learn diabetes management. This book had such a profound impact on me that I apprenticed under Gary during graduate school and became an exercise physiologist. Whether you've had diabetes for 2 days or 20 years, I highly recommend reading this book.

Pumping Insulin by John Walsh is another essential if you are considering or new to insulin pump therapy. This book is a bit more technical, but it leaves no stone unturned in learning how to manage an insulin pump successfully. 

Taking Control of Your Diabetes (TCOYD) rounds out the trifecta of best books on diabetes management. This book, by Dr. Steve Edelman, touches on the emotional side of diabetes. He goes over the things you are too scared to ask, but want to know such as complications, skin irritation, and there's even a guest chapter touching on legal issues!