Products I Use


While running I put my pump in the SPIBELT. The 670G pump is heavier than Medtronic’s previous generation pump and I am a bouncy runner, which means keeping the pump clipped to my shorts is nearly impossible while running. When I first started wearing this pump, I either left it a home or held it in my hand. This belt is the solution. No bounce, after my warm up, I forget its even there. If feels no different than wearing a race number belt. It is also very low profile, which means you can easily hide your pump underneath your shirt or shorts. If you rather show off your new accessory, there are many colors to choose from.

Medtronic must have realized the issue of releasing a heavier pump because they also have this belt on their website. I don't think I will ever use this for contact sports like basketball or ultimate frisbee, but it works well for the long runs. I like that I can quickly unzip the pouch to check my sensor glucose mid-run. I still receive any needed insulin, following my pumping with exercise protocols, which makes for a smoother, post-workout blood sugar.

For you marathoners, the two-pouch belt is a great option! One pouch for the pump, one for fuel. SPIBELT also sells 6 oz. water bottles that are designed to clip onto their belts so you can fulfill your insulin and hydration needs at the same time!

If you are a runner that wears an insulin pump, this belt is the running solution you have waited for!