Rules for Insulin Pump Success

There are so many variables that contribute to insulin absorption and sensitivity on daily basis, it can make diabetes management very challenging. To knock out some major variables, follow these few simple rules.

1.     Never go more than 2-3 days without changing your insertion set. No exceptions. See rule #2 for help.

2.     (TDD x 3) + 20U = reservoir fill

Find out the total daily dose (TDD) of insulin. Multiply that by 3. Add 20U for tubing (and just incase you go HAM on tortilla chips one day).  If you were instructed to change your insertion set every 2 days, replace the 3 with a 2.

3.     Insertion site rotation: Most people are taught to alternate between the right and left side of their body. THIS IS WRONG. The issue is, most people end up going right back over the area they inserted 3 days ago. That is not enough time for the site to heal. Instead, place the next site 2 inches away from the first. Three days later, move another 2 inches the same direction. THEN, move to the other side of your body and repeat. Your skin will thank you and your insulin will absorb more predictably.

4.     If your insertion site hurts, change it.

5.     Bolus timing: Bolus for meals before eating. How soon before? Depends on your blood sugar.

Blood Glucose
Bolus timing
Treat low before starting meal
Immediately before eating
10 minutes before eating
20 minutes before eating
30 minutes before eating

Do you have other habits and techniques to increase consistency in diabetes management? Please share in the comments below.